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MarketCurrents Wealth Management, a leading provider of investment-industry intelligence, is pleased to share Family Office Series, a new source of original research for family offices and those who do business with them. Below is the overview of what each issue covers.

MarketCurrents Summer Edition 2019

MarketCurrents Summer Edition 2019

The latest edition of MarketCurrents features highlights of our Summer Forum. The event brought together a highly curated group of family offices principals from the U.S. and emerging market regions. Held in New York City, cocktails, followed by dinner and a panel discussion, allowed attendees to network with their true peers.
Panelists shared insights on a variety of topics including:

  • Investment opportunities in the U.S. and emerging markets
  • How they build and tap their networks to find investment opportunities
  • How they mitigate geopolitical risks
  • Investment opportunities geopolitical risks present
MarketCurrents Spring Edition 2019

MarketCurrents Spring Edition 2019

This edition brings you highlights of MarketCurrents’ Spring Forum, our first event in 2019.
Family office principals shared their expertise on a wide range of topics including:

  • What succession planning should address and how to develop and educate the younger generation
  • The family office landscape in Latin America.
  • The more insidious cyber threats family offices face, how to educate families, and cybersecurity trends and related investment opportunities.
  • How to find and vet CIO candidates
  • Investment approaches and private equity trends
  • The impact of the U.S. tax reform as it relates to family office structures
Key Considerations for Family Offices in 2019: December 2018/January 2019

Key Considerations for Family Offices in 2019: December 2018/January 2019

The latest edition of MarketCurrents takes a forward-looking view of 2019. We interviewed panelists who attended MarketCurrents’ winter summit to shed light on key considerations for family offices this year.

Investment Trends : October 2018

Investment Trends : October 2018

MarketCurrents’ second annual investment trends report brings you the highlights of an invite-only summit which gathered a select group of investing minds from within the family office community.

Panelists and moderators included principals from Witter Family Offices, Fulcrum Equities, Sixiang Holding, Axiom Capital Management, The Alberleen Group, GRC Investment Group and T5 Equity Partners.

Tax and consulting firm RSM co-hosted the event, which was held in New York City in October. It provided insights on tax considerations as they relate to investing.

Emerging Markets : September 2018

Emerging Markets : September 2018

The phenomenal growth of private wealth in emerging markets in the last few decades shows no sign of slowing down.

Nowhere has wealth grown faster than in Asia. India and China lead the way.

MarketCurrents’ third annual emerging markets report looks at three of the largest private wealth markets – India, China and the Middle East. We spoke to principals of single and multi-family offices in each.

This issue provides an in-depth look at where the family office model stands in terms of growth and evolution and what makes each market unique. Finally, we take a look at China’s sizeable domestic capital markets and the potential they hold for foreign investors.

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