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Bio-Pharma Enterprenuer, Jay Goth’s insights for Family offices and start-ups

The interest in bio-pharma and health-tech is at high levels. Key investors are coming good with their commitment to nurture bio-pharma, health-tech ideas and research.

Founded By The Glatz Family…Introducing The Impact Club

The business world is increasingly participating in Impact Investing, a way to bring balance between profit and sustainability. Investors are realizing that it is up to us to ensure that growth is in harmony with human life, the environment and the planet.

Cryptocurrency. A point of balance.

January 15-20
MarketCurrents Wealth Management spoke to Ville Oehman, Crypto Fund Manager at Helvetic Investments Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. They are analyzing and guiding their family office clients on a terrain that’s still evolving almost hour to hour. These days no one gets enough of the cryptocurrency talk.

A Real Asset Ownership Marketplace for Family Offices

November 13-20
In an interview led by Sumehr Sondhi of MarketCurrents, Chad Brownstein, CEO, Rocky Mountain Resources (who Bloomberg television called the “Shale Pioneer” for his findings in the Niobrara Shale), talks about the advantages for family offices in real asset ownership and investing in natural resources.

Investing and Mentoring Start-ups and SMEs in Myanmar

Family fund serial investor Jerry Chan, founder of Yangon-based May Kha Ventures in discussion with MarketCurrents on his interest in scalable start-ups and SMEs in Myanmar.

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