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PAMC, a collaboration of MarketCurrents and PrimeAlpha, is pleased to offer a unique platform to bring together like-minded investors with investment opportunities. Through a series of exclusive events, PAMC provides investors the opportunity to meet, discuss and forge deeper relationships.

Given the restrictions on the number of funds and investors allowed to attend, this model facilitates a meaningful interaction and stronger networking outcomes. A conference or any other type of event structure simply will not be as effective. Family offices prefer a more closed-door and impactful format, coupled with good food, drinks and investment updates.

The events are on a first-come basis. Additionally, your fund focus would need to be applicable to the topic of each roundtable.


Hedge Funds

Mar 22, Thu - New York

Private Equity(Non-real Estate)

Apr 18, Wed - New York

Private Credit Investment Landscape

May 16, Wed - New York

Please contact Sumehr Sondhi for Information :

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